Jim’s Take

I generally don’t pay any attention to WebMD’s caterwauling about any disease that’s serious. They say nothing because they say everything because they’re afraid to offend anyone by leaving something out. What’s more, because they cover every possible implication of any given condition, they contribute to overutilization of the medical delivery system … and thereby to our premiums.

But I feel I have to subscribe to their junk because that’s the business I’m in.

And sometimes they come up with some interesting stuff. Today, for example, they talked about sunscreen, which is, of course, a “burning” issue at this time of year. And some of their facts were pretty interesting. Here’s what I gleaned from it.

  • You want a broad spectrum for protection against UVA and UVB. Only that way do you get any protection against more than a burn, i.e. protection against age spots and wrinkles in addition to sunburn.
  • A bottle of sunscreen is good for at least three years. Wow. Didn’t know that. I USE it that long, but I figured I was just cheap. And – on the “cheap” theme – most of us use too little. For your bathing-suit-clad body you need about a shot glass full, unless you’re a too-big dude like me. Then you need more.
    • Slather that slime on you every couple of hours (probably more if you perspire like I do), and use at least SPF 30. Notice that the words “waterproof,” “sweatproof” and “sunblock” are no longer on the label. Turns out they were all lies.
  • I know all you ladies out there have been wondering, “Which do I put on first? Moistureizer, sunscreen, makeup? The answer is A-Moisturizer, B-Sunscreen, C-Makeup, although after all that grease I think I’d worry that my makeup would slither down my face. What do I know?
  • Cloudy days are no protection against the most dangerous UV rays. They whip through the clouds like the proverbial hot knife through butter. So cancer isn’t foiled by the clouds.
  • Folks of all extractions need sunblock. You Italian, Greek, African and Middle Eastern guys aren’t protected by your darker complexion. Is that suggestion anti-PC? Doesn’t matter – it’s true.