Thanks for all your help – your BBI staff is awesome and always extremely helpful.

Olivia Perry

Administration Manager, Merrow Manufacturing, Fall River, MA

Aved Electronics has been working closely with BBI in the person of Jim Edhold for over 10 years. During this time Jim has been a consummate professional; knowledgeable, congenial and mindful of the particular needs of small business. He and his staff have helped Aved navigate the often stormy waters of health insurance and benefits administration, guiding us with a sure understanding of the various providers and a clear sense of our unique circumstances. Striking the right balance between cost and benefit is no easy task in today’s healthcare environment. We rely on BBI to guide us through the process and they have never failed us.

But the good news is that Jim and his staff don’t limit themselves to simply providing outstanding service; they also look for ways to add value to their palette of offerings. A case in point is the My Paperless Office system they offer to clients. Not content just to help keep insurance costs in line, Jim and his staff are working to make administration easier and therefore more cost efficient. One can’t ask much more of any service provider.

Whatever the benefits administration challenges your company faces, BBI will provide superior service and expertise, lightening the load so you can attend to the more pressing needs of your business.

Deryl Santo

Controller Aved Electronics Inc. Lowell, MA

Eaton Apothecary is a Massachusetts-based retail pharmacy chain of 22 worksites and nearly three hundred employees.

Our workforce is diverse; comprised of professionals earning six figures, high school students earning a little spending money, and a lot of people in the middle. Approximately half of our workforce is full time, and slightly over one hundred employees require health insurance from the company.

Like all other employers, individuals and governments, Eaton Apothecary has struggled to provide top-notch benefits to its employees in the wake of rapidly escalating health insurance costs. As managers, we are constantly watching how every decision will impact our people and our bottom line and have found it difficult of late to strike a favorable balance.

In 2007, we faced a moderate 7.5% increase from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, our carrier of over a decade. This increase would for the first time put our projected annual health insurance spend over a million dollars – a milestone certainly not to be celebrated.

Our previous approach to cost containment was to simply allow our broker to manage the percentage increase; maybe tweak some copayments here and there to save a few dollars and keep pace with inflation. We assumed increases were inevitable and that we were doing all that we could to provide quality benefits to our employees at the lowest cost.

We were wrong.

In November 2007, we were introduced to Jim Edholm of Business Benefits Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Seven weeks later, on January 1, 2008, our employees have a better plan than ever before and the company is saving nearly $130,000 in calendar 2008!”

Mark A. Dumouchel

President, Eaton Apothecary

We rely completely on BBI for benefits planning and implementation for a simple reason: They are the best I’ve ever dealt with. We first came to BBI more than a decade ago, looking for a new approach to our health benefits, the cost of which had threatened our company principle of providing top-tier benefits to all employees. Jim Edholm designed a new plan that melded HSAs, high-deductible coverage and other features that kept us with the same insurer, with identical coverage, at a far lower cost to our company and with zero financial impact on our employees. That’s a clear win.

Bob Gilbert

Managing Partner Gilbert and Renton Andover, MA

As we finish our first year of working with BBI, I just wanted to send you a note telling you what a refreshing change it has been compared to the typical broker.

First, you showed us money-saving options when we started with you. But better than that,prior to the renewal this year you contacted us, took the lead in going back out to evaluate alternatives, and also suggested alternative plan designs – which saved us money again this year. We didn’t need to chase you to shop again at renewal time.. . it happened automatically.

On our non-medical coverages, not only did you save us money, you also simplified our administrative efforts by combining several coverages together to get us one bill a month instead of three. Now when we add or delete an employee, it’s only one-third the work it was before you helped us out.

But probably the most interesting and useful things you send us are the periodic emails that keep us up to date on changes that might affect us such as

  • Changes in the law.
  • New product offerings that might be good for us.
  • Potential new HR ideas we might want to implement

Not everything fits our needs at any particular time, but it’s nice to know that you’re keeping us aware of future options.

Renee Savat

Office Manager, Baril Die

BBI is the consummate benefits broker. They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable and passionate about their work. I was especially thrilled when BBI offered, at no cost to their clients, the full preparation of the 1095C ACA Forms. Yes, that’s right – at no cost! When I shared that information with my HR Professionals Group, they could not believe it!

They [BBI] delivered as promised and our forms were completed and filed months before the deadline. This saved us money, time and stress.

Mary Ann Janigian

Human Resources Director, NATIONAL QUALITY REVIEW, Boston, MA

Our office has utilized the services of Jim Edholm and BBI Benefits, Inc. for the last several years and the results, both for our clients and for ourselves, have been outstanding. Jim brings an experienced and even hand to the increasingly hot button topic of employee benefits, particularly health insurance. It is because of his vast array of contacts that Jim is able to tap into data from all the major insurers and to compare information on an “apple to apple” basis. Like most law firms, we’re challenged daily by a host of deadlines and we have insufficient time to spend on these critically important topics. Jim, as a small business owner himself, appreciates the value of his clients’ time and utilizes it in a most efficient manner.

Because of our great experiences with Jim, we have been quick to recommend him and his company to our clients. In every case, the outcome has been very positive. Whether our client has five or five hundred employees, Jim treats them all with the greatest of respect and brings both a positive attitude and diligence to the task.

Jim is a valued member of both the Andover and Greater Lawrence communities. As a past president of the nationally acclaimed Lawrence Boys and Girls Club, he played a critical role in both the survival and renaissance of this tremendous institution.

Advisor, community figure and friend, Jim Edholm and BBI Benefits are a terrific part of our team here at Morris, Rossi & Hayes. I am most pleased to recommend both Jim and BBI to your firm and its clients.


Michael W. Morris, Sr.

Senior Partner Morris, Rossi & Hayes

With the new Mass Medical Leave Law going into effect recently, I am sure there are many companies such as ourselves that had a lot of questions to make sure we complied. I felt like every time I read it or read something about it I came up with more questions and uncertainty regarding our compliance.

As always the lovely folks at [the BBI-provided HR support service] walked me through the new law, advised on how to best handle it on our end and helped clear up some confusion especially regarding the roll over piece of it and how it will integrate into our existing policy.

Lauren Cardea

Boston Light Source, Boston, MA

We have been with BBI Benefits for two years now and are extremely pleased with our Broker Chip Brogan and our Account Manager Lynne Bradley. The service is exceptional! We recently renewed 5 lines of business with BBI. We were provided with competitive options for all lines of business and have had great results for both our cost and benefits management.

Chip and Lynne handled our open enrollment and was there to provide well informed personal attention to our employees. We had some issues with the Automatic Billing through [Carrier Name] and BBI was there to answer all of our questions and solve all of our issues.

Kelly Parreira

SEICA, Inc. Salem, NH

Unusual for somebody with so much experience, Jim Edholm remains deeply curious about his business. He tracks changes in the law, changes in regulations, and changes in interpretations of those regulations. Jim is constantly looking for a different and better way to put together benefit plans, and he recognizes the different needs and obligations faced by companies of different sizes, different revenue streams, and different employee demographics.

Not surprisingly, Jim has assembled a deep roster of talent at BBI – we are comfortable dealing with everybody in the company and confident that they will find the answer to questions that have not even occurred to us. I cannot imagine using anybody but BBI.

Bob Gilbert

Managing Partner Gilbert and Renton Andover, MA