For the past six years, the team at BBI has been a strategic partner in establishing and maintaining benefit programs for our employees. Their customer service and quick response to our needs are critical to our success in obtaining competitive and cost effective benefit packages.

In addition, BBI provides our employees with complementary annual benefit statements. These statements serve as a strong tool in which we communicate the value of the benefits our company provides. You will have to look long and hard to find a more dedicated and capable group to meet your organization’s needs.

Marianne Landolo

PCS, Inc.

Northeast Manufacturing Company has had a 10 year relationship with BBI Benefits.

During this period you have represented us in the field of medical, dental and life-short term disability insurance.

We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and the representation provided by BBI. In this world of ever increasing insurance costs, it’s assuring that we have an agent like you working for us.

Looking forward to the next 10 years!

Christopher R. Lobdell

President & CFO Northeast Manufacturing Co.

With the new Mass Medical Leave Law going into effect recently, I am sure there are many companies such as ourselves that had a lot of questions to make sure we complied. I felt like every time I read it or read something about it I came up with more questions and uncertainty regarding our compliance.

As always the lovely folks at [the BBI-provided HR support service] walked me through the new law, advised on how to best handle it on our end and helped clear up some confusion especially regarding the roll over piece of it and how it will integrate into our existing policy.

Lauren Cardea

Boston Light Source, Boston, MA

I have worked with Business Benefit Insurance for the past 16 years. The staff is extremely professional and efficient, yet down to earth. Whenever I need anything, they are always there to help. Recently, our organization changed health carriers. The enrollment meetings were unavoidably planned during my scheduled vacation. In my absence, BBI sent a representative to function as the human resource liaison. They stepped into my role and made themselves available to the employees. They go above and beyond what a traditional broker does. It is truly a pleasure to work with them. We are very satisfied with the many services they provide us. I look forward to a continued successful relationship with BBI. I highly recommend their service to any organization.

Marie A Erickson

Director of Human Resources, Europackaging, LLC

As we finish our first year of working with BBI, I just wanted to send you a note telling you what a refreshing change it has been compared to the typical broker.

First, you showed us money-saving options when we started with you. But better than that,prior to the renewal this year you contacted us, took the lead in going back out to evaluate alternatives, and also suggested alternative plan designs – which saved us money again this year. We didn’t need to chase you to shop again at renewal time.. . it happened automatically.

On our non-medical coverages, not only did you save us money, you also simplified our administrative efforts by combining several coverages together to get us one bill a month instead of three. Now when we add or delete an employee, it’s only one-third the work it was before you helped us out.

But probably the most interesting and useful things you send us are the periodic emails that keep us up to date on changes that might affect us such as

  • Changes in the law.
  • New product offerings that might be good for us.
  • Potential new HR ideas we might want to implement

Not everything fits our needs at any particular time, but it’s nice to know that you’re keeping us aware of future options.

Renee Savat

Office Manager, Baril Die

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the [Benefits Eligibility Analysis Provider] referral. Phyllis and her team were a pleasure to work with – professional, prompt, courteous and their attention to detail with every aspect of our benefits eligibility audit is commendable. We found as many as 36 ineligible dependents that we removed from our health plan roles! Our school can always rely on BBI for support with our health insurance and benefits needs.

Anne Marie Tucciarone-Mahan

Director of Human Resources, Greater Lawrence Technical School, Andover, MA

I love [BBI’s] amazing resources as well, especially their HR help service, which is complimentary to all their clients. I would recommend BBI without reservation, for any business who is looking for a highly reputable, customer-focused, and very personalized benefits broker. You won’t be disappointed with BBI.

Mary Ann Janigian

Human Resources Director, NATIONAL QUALITY REVIEW, Boston, MA

I’d like to thank you for your assistance with our health insurance company when I was in need of an unanticipated surgical procedure and was made to feel as though I was getting the run-around.

You and Doreen were extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction, putting me in touch with the people who could assist me in navigating me through the prior authorization process and ultimately getting my procedure approved.

I know that you didn’t just do that for me because I’m your primary business contact here at the school; I am confident you would have helped anyone on staff who needed assistance here and for that I am truly grateful and value our relationship. Thank you again.

Anne Marie Tucciarone-Mahan

Director of Human Resources, Greater Lawrence Technical School Andover, MA

Unusual for somebody with so much experience, Jim Edholm remains deeply curious about his business. He tracks changes in the law, changes in regulations, and changes in interpretations of those regulations. Jim is constantly looking for a different and better way to put together benefit plans, and he recognizes the different needs and obligations faced by companies of different sizes, different revenue streams, and different employee demographics.

Not surprisingly, Jim has assembled a deep roster of talent at BBI – we are comfortable dealing with everybody in the company and confident that they will find the answer to questions that have not even occurred to us. I cannot imagine using anybody but BBI.

Bob Gilbert

Managing Partner Gilbert and Renton Andover, MA

I can’t say enough about Carol. But is makes sense that people as nice as you would hire people like her! She is a pleasure and although I dislike Obamacare more than anything, she made it easy…

Marsha Webb

HR Manager Claims Bureau USA, Woburn, MA