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Media Kit: Jim’s Bio and Q&A

Originally involved (1975) with financial planning for business owners, Jim began also getting involved with helping private employers create and manage group insurance benefit plans in 1982.  

He subsequently began focusing exclusively on group benefit plans since.  In the last ten years Jim has aggressively moved into helping private companies structure ways to help control the ever-expanding cost of health care.  

In 2011 he began helping his clients focus on ways to bypass the often restrictive and inefficient practices of health insurance carriers and to help steer employees to the most effective, highest quality facilities and physicians available to them.

He has been successful in the last three years with lowering employers’ cost of health care by an average of more than $2,500 per employee per year.

He’s worked closely with the leading providers in the industry to create teams that can help employers 

  • provide cutting edge support to employees seeking care – 
  • identifying centers of excellence, 
  • finding the highest performing physicians and specialists in every area, 
  • seeking out the facilities with the lowest costs consistent with providing top notch outcomes for patients. 

Jim refers to this process as “managing the health care supply chain.”  He says, “Businesses work hard at managing the supply chain for every facet of their businesses … except for health care, which is typically a cost that is second only to salaries themselves.”

Jim has found myriad ways to make the process better and more affordable.  From very affordable access to second opinions given by the leading specialists in the world to cell phone ability to find the lowest cost labs and radiology facilities near employees’ homes, Jim’s helps employers attack the cost of health care one procedure at a time.


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