Endrun Around Obamacare

“Your Health Insurance Is Locking Up $1,500-$3,000 of EBITDA – Per Employee Per Year!! I Can Help You Get It Back…I Guarantee It!!”


Good Day, Business Owner or CFO –

Today under the Health Care Status Quo, you are essentially alone in your battle to control health care costs for your company.

Think about it.  Do hospitals, doctors and other health care vendors want your costs to go down?  Of course not!  They’re worried about their bottom line, not yours.

How about insurance companies?  No way!  ACA regulations say that claims have to represent 80% of the premium they bill you, and they get to keep 20%.  So if claims go up, so does their 20%.  More money for the same volume of work.  They’re worried about their bottom line, not yours.

Surely your broker firm wants to help you reduce costs, right?  Do they?  Well, generally speaking your broker is paid a percentage of premium.  Your premium going up means their commissions go up.  How concerned are they really?  They’re worried about their bottom line, not yours.

As I said, you’re pretty much in it all alone.

Until now.

I will repeat the bald-faced statement I said at the top.  I can lower your health care costs by $1,000-$1,500 per employee per year (that’s $100,000-$150,000 increased EBITDA for each 100 employees on the plan).

Here’s an even balder-faced statement.  You can do it without cutting benefits.

Really.  And I’ve written a book in which I list 13 specific strategies you can use to accomplish that.

And the book (a real book, on paper, mailed to you) is free to you as the CEO or CFO of your firm.  By the way, this strategy really works best for companies with a minimum of 30-35 employees on the health plan, so think about that when you ask for the book.

And here’s an added plus:  BBI doesn’t work like most brokers.  In fact, if we work with you it won’t be as a brokerage firm (who, after all, is paid by and first loyal to the insurance carrier) at all.

Rather, we will work as a

  • paid, contractual consultant to you,
  • paid by you,
  • loyal only to you.

Furthermore, our contract will specify in writing that one-third to ½  of our compensation will ONLY BE PAID TO US IF WE REDUCE YOUR HEALTH COSTS!!

That’s right.  When we say we’re on your side, we mean it.  We contractually tie OUR INTRESTS to YOUR INTERESTS. You win, we win. You lose, we lose.

Finally, there’s someone on your side of the table!

Fill out this form and we’ll mail you a copy of the book!