Jim’s Take

Checking the Costs and Quality of Health Care and Providers.

SHRM published a story on their website that I think promotes a fiction.  A dangerous fiction in my opinion.

Basically, their survey showed that people in High Deductible Health Plans curb spending on health care because they research stuff before getting care.  I, too, bought into this nonsense for years.  It “seems logical” and it ought to be what people do.

But HOW, for Heaven’s sake.  Our health care system is so opaque that even doctors have a hard time researching what’s best in providers and facilities.  The average schlub can’t possibly research quality and appropriateness of care as frequently as suggested by this.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Simple.  It perpetrates the practice of jacking deductibles higher every year.  This INCREASES, NOT DECREASES, HEALTH CARE COSTS.

HDHPs mean that employees have to shell out for initial care.  Most people can’t afford it.  They don’t have $1,000 lying around to pay health care bills, deductibles, and copays.

So they defer care. And then – later, after the condition has had time to fester – they have a high-cost situation that costs TEN TIMES to treat what it would have cost initially.

Want to lower health care costs?  Give the richest possible plan you can find, but only to the people who act according to the health care Utilization Management that you provide them.

Everyone else has to pay the HPHP deductible and stuff.

People will start calling your UM team, getting GOOD INFO … not crap they find by themselves on the internet.  Results and health will improve and costs will go down.  Want to know how?  Email me.