How Much of Your Money is Your Health Carrier Stripping from Your Bottom Line??

Invest just 3 minutes with the form below to find out how much is being taken from you. 

You’re throwing money down the chute with health care … but you don’t need to!

Carriers aren’t your friend, at least not if you want to spend the lowest reasonable amount for high quality health care.  They’re not exactly stealing your money, but they ARE using procedures and systems that are good for their bottom line, not your bottom line.

We have helped many employers lower the cost of health care without sacrificing quality.  In fact, quality is generally improves with our approach, even as you save money.

Particularly if you have more than 50 employees enrolled in your health plan, we can not only tell you that you are spending too much, we can tell you about how much you overspend.

Six quick questions will let us identify how much you overspend by in just THREE areas:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Wasted Hospital Days (i.e. unnecessary extra days in hospital)
  • “Commodity Care” waste – (the overspend on Lab, X-ray, Physical Therapy and Elective Outpatient surgery)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s more that we do, much more, but let’s use these saving to help you determine if the money you save is enough to justify your investigating further.

We use these categories because we can easily estimate their waste with fair accuracy.  And we can get that information to you almost immediately via email.

Two Ways to Enter the Info:

This is a second variation to what I offered in the video above. I’ve decided to offer you two ways to estimate savings – one more accurate than the other. This is the more accurate one, and the quickie is the second one.

1 – Easy and Accurate:

  • Number of single employee units and the single rate
  • Number of employee-plus-spouse units and the employee-spouse rate
  • Number of single parent units and the employee + Kids rate
  • Number of family units and the family rate

Those numbers will be on your latest invoice from your carrier.  (If you have only single and family rates, leave the other areas at zero and just enter the # of singles and the # of family units along with your rates).

Get the numbers now and plug them in.  We’ll send you an email that will describe your potential savings in each of the areas and to get open your path to new savings and enhanced profits.

2 – Easier, But a Bit Less Accurate

All you need for this is

  • Number of single-only employees
  • Number of employees with 1 or more dependents
  • Total Annual Premium

The results won’t be as accurate, but it’s easier and quicker to input, and you’ll still get the approximate savings.  Choose here which information you want to input: