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The Coming COVID Claims Calamity

The Coming COVID Claims Calamity The Wuhan virus, aka COVID-19 has been with us for about six months now. First pooh-poohed by the “experts” after which it has been hijacked by the over-cautious and the politically motivated, it has monopolized our attention … at least until the civil disruption now occurring. Don’t get me wrong…
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Coronavirus and You, Your Family, Your Employees

Coronavirus and You, Your Family, Your Employees I’m sure that you have all heard about the coronavirus infection that is rapidly spreading in China.  There is still quite a bit that we don’t know about the infection, but I thought it might be helpful to talk about the things that we do know about it.…
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Diabetes Epidemic?

How Diabetes is Ravaging Your Employees and Hurting Your Bottom Line America is suffering an explosion of diabetes, and it’s costing your company money. Lots and lots of money. How prevalent is diabetes? Well, according to the American Diabetes Association, it affects just under 9% of the American population. That’s a 26% increase in ten…
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Fighting the Health Care Cost Battle, Chapter 1

In 2018 the average employer in the US spent on healthcare $16,900 per (insured) employee per year.  That number comes from Milliman Care Guidelines, a national organization that gives guidelines for good care and whose recommendations are followed by thousands of hospitals. Mind you, that’s NOT premiums … that’s the actual cost of medical care…
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Medical Tourism – a Win/Win for Every Employer.

This article from the Washington Examiner points out the differences in medical cost achieved by making the three-hour drive between the middle of Maine (I’m guessing at the location) and Boston. For a hip replacement, the difference is $28,000. Knee surgeries are $10,600 cheaper. That same story occurs again and again all over the US. …
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The Perfect Marriage

A Romantic Corporate Story Pat, a very unhappy CEO, was so miserable that the entire C- Suite was infected with his angst.  Chris, the CFO, more than anybody, was in a perpetual funk because every single year Chris was in the bull’s eye of Pat’s ire. After all, Chris had primary responsibility for the bottom…
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Yes, Sometimes Government Does Need to Get Involved

Yes, Sometimes Government Does Need to Get Involved Most of you know that I believe, generally, that anytime government “fixes” something, the outcome ends up being worse that it was before.  The old saw about “the cure is worse than the illness” comes to mind.  Or perhaps “The Reverse Midas Touch.” But in life there…
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Controlling Hospital Drug Costs

The US spending – particularly among private employers – is getting national attention.  But there’s one area in which there isn’t that much attention … but not knowing about it can cost your plan plenty of money. But most plan advisers aren’t even aware of it, and if they are aware, they don’t have a…
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Understanding Health Care Stories

Bias is inherent in all reporting – after all, reporters are people, and they interpret what they see through the jaundice of their own viewpoint. I’m not talking about blatant “fake news” of the kind practiced by political reporters on both sides of the liberal/conservative spectrum … I’m talking about looking at a set of…
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Checking the Costs and Quality of Health Care and Providers.

SHRM published a story on their website that I think promotes a fiction.  A dangerous fiction in my opinion. Basically, their survey showed that people in High Deductible Health Plans curb spending on health care because they research stuff before getting care.  I, too, bought into this nonsense for years.  It “seems logical” and it…
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